I know you...

You've worked hard this year and you should be immensely proud of everything you have been able to achieve. You've questioned yourself, battled self doubt, overcome procrastination and overwhelm for the zillionth time and carried on, every single day... But here's the thing... it's the end of the year, you've done OK, but you aren't ticking off any life changing goals just yet and you want things to move a little faster, have more impact on your family and lifestyle and to look a little different this time next year. 

  • You're tired of putting in more than you get back

  • You want more freedom in your life and your business. 

  • You want to move into 2020 with clear steps and actions towards bigger goals

This project is perfect for you if...

  • You'd prefer to work alongside someone when it comes to setting your goals for 2020, and want to be able to ask questions and gain advice specific to your business growth

  • You wouldn't usually set the time aside to look in depth at your business as you're super busy working IN your business, but you know that taking the time to get clear on things and work ON your business is important too

  • You work at your best when you have a clear plan, and you love the idea of walking away from this process with a list of actionable simple steps you can implement into your business and tick off every single day, and know each tick off the list is on step closer to your annual goals

  • You want to understand how to monitor and track your progress, so you can reset and make adjustments to your actions at the end of every quarter

  • You love to feel part of a community and want the opportunity to network with other likeminded female business owners

So what are the details?

COURSE BEGINS: 2nd December
LOCATION: @Tech_Empowerment_Community Instagram Group

DURATION: 5 Days - one live session per day at times given in advance
COURSE COST: FREE to Tech Empowerment Community Members | £10 to non-members

Are you ready to get involved?

If you're already a member of the Tech Empowerment Community, you'll hear more about the project as we get closer to the launch date, and the cost is included in your membership price. Hooray!

Not a community member? 


Membership is just £19.99 per month, includes one live project per month, alongside live Q&A sessions, and private members Instagram group and a website jam packed with business building tutorials, support and guidance on a variety of topics. 

Want to join us just for this project?