While on your profile screen in the Instagram app, you'll notice 3 lines in the

top right corner. These open your menu, and if you have a business account you'll see the insights feature here. 

If you don't have a business account, I would highly recommend switching your account  from personal to business. To do so, from this same menu hit SETTINGS -> ACCOUNT -> Switch to Business

On selecting 'Insights' a new screen will load with content - activity - audience across the top. You can scroll left/right to move between these. 


No. of posts this week. This is only important to measure your consistency. You can see how you've done against previous weeks and whether you need to do a little more/less.



Instantly see how many people have seen each posts. If you hit the blue 'see all' text you then have the option to sort by the most likes, the most engaging, most recent etc so you can see at a glance which content has done best and do more of the same!



The same as above, but covering your stories rather than your feed posts



If you are running paid promotions from your account you can view these here.



This is where you can see what people are doing on your profile. You can see first what days of the week have been busiest on your profile, and then underneath the number of accounts who have clicked through and the number who have then clicked to your website. These numbers should ideally be as close together as possible. If people are clicking to your page, you then want them to click to your website. 


Here you can see what days are the busiest and so when you should be posting your content in order to reach the most people. Below it'll show you 'reach' - this is the number of individual Instagram accounts who have seen your posts. 'Impressions' is the number of times your posts have been seen (some accounts may have seen your post more than once). Reach is the important one, because these are individual accounts. 


This shows your number of followers first and the +/- since the previous week. The graph underneath shows the amount of follows vs the amount of unfollows you account has received. It's normal to have some unfollows. These are often 'bots' or people using the follow/unfollow technique in order to build their own accounts (bad practice)


You can use this to really pin down whether your content is reaching the right people,  and see if you need to make adjustments for overseas followers etc. 


This is an important chart. From this you can see your most important times and days to be posting content. There's no point in putting out content when people aren't online.