Allow me to introduce... Planoly
Instagram doesn't have a scheduling feature in the same way Facebook does. Although it may be something they introduce to the app in the future, at the moment we need to look to third party apps such as Planoly. 

You can also use platforms like 'Later' 'Hootsuite' or 'Hopper'. My preferred platform is Planoly. The free account is extensive enough for beginner use (you can schedule up to 30 posts per month without paying a penny) and even the paid plan is relatively low cost at less than $9 per month for the solo plan. 

Planoly can be accessed on both a desktop AND mobile which makes it really flexible for uploading content on the go, and means if you've created your posts using something like Canva on your laptop, you don't need to transfer them to your mobile (or vice versa) in order to use them. 

I love that is shows you your grid how it will appear once the posts are uploaded, so you can get a really nice aesthetic running and move things around so they look perfect BEFORE you post them to your audience. 
Planoly allows you to view the whole month at once too - so you can see quickly when your posts have gone out, and the engagement they have received. It'll also show you some basic insights including the number of posts, number of likes, comments per post and follower +/- over the last week, month or year. 
Posting content from the Planoly app

1. Upload your content to your grid

2. Select the image you want to schedule to open the options.

3. Use the crop tool to select the sizing if necessary (1:1 square is best for Instagram)

4. Add your caption (I recommend typing your caption into a site like then using copy/paste to add to Planoly. This website allows you to put linebreaks and paragraphs in your caption. Instagram doesn't have this ability otherwise so all your text bunches up)


5. Add you hashtags from your saved presets. Remember to change them often. You can have different sets for different types of content. 


6. Tag any necessary users and/or add your location


7. Choose whether to schedule to Instagram/Facebook or both


8. Add the scheduled date & time


9. Save


10. Kick back and relax!