I'm Rosie Wood - your podcast host! Woman Empowered is a business & lifestyle podcast answering questions like...


How can I inject more time freedom into my life? 
How do I find the courage to launch something new? 
How do I turn my social media account into a money making tool?

How do I drive traffic to my website? 
How do I achieve the mindset for success?
How do I build a brand? 

...but it's not all business! I'll also be sharing some behind the scenes, real-life 'bits they don't tell you' stuff... talking about getting past overwhelm and pulling your head out the dirt when times get hard and speaking with some awesome and inspirational guests.

Woman Empowered will be a bi-weekly podcast currently available via Anchor & Spotify

Think of it like having a business bestie in your pocket. Someone who understands where you are and what your going through, offering words of advice and a helping hand as you go


Listen now!

EPISODE 1 - Allow me to introduce myself
EPISODE 2 - Goal setting & marathons
EPISODE 3 - Balancing business & kids
EPISODE 4 - Due w/c 23rd December