Instagram LIVE Catch up - 7 Jan

With the new year officially upon us it's likely you're sat in one of two camps right now... either you're off the starting blocks, plan in hand, raring to go and well on your way to smashing Januarys goals or... well, you're still half asleep, wondering at what point you're going to emerge from the Christmas and New Year haze and get your arse in gear. If you're in that second camp, you probably have some self doubt creeping in right now too... wondering if 2020 really IS your year since it's now the 8th and you've not made much progress! I jumped in live to our Instagram community (if you're not with us make sure to add yourself in! The link is on the homepage) to chat things through with you, give you some reassurance you're not alone and also chat hashtags and finding new clients! Watch the replay below...

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